Disk Duplicator
Affordable 1 to 3 Ultra High Speed Hard Drive Duplicator

Product Code: J-2100



  • 1:3 Duplication

  • Expandable up to 1:99+ Duplication (Link Multiple 4 Port Units)

  • Fits into Server Rack or Stand Alone

  • Supports: SATA, ATA(optional)/SSD



Common Uses:
  • Consumer Electronics Production

  • PC and Hard Drive Manufacturing

  • Digital Cinema Distribution

  • System Production and/or Maintenance

  • Secure Data Erasure 


Product Overview

The Disk Duplicator is a high-end industrial standard hard drive duplicator that makes HDD duplication fast and easy. There is no computer or additional software required. Supports high data transfer speeds up to 120MB/sec and takes about one minute to copy 7.2GB. The three copy modes (System and Files, All Partition, and Whole HDD) will satisfy most duplication needs; “System and Files Ecopy mode is a fast copy mode that copies only the data area instead the entire source HDD, It greatly saves duplication time. The Disk Duplicator can perform a DoD 5220 erase allowing the system to also function as a HDD wiping solution.




  • Copy fast and copy many and process a 100 drives at a time.

  • Priced right to deliver excellent return on investment.

  • Multiple-drive copy function (Up to 7.2 GB/min for qualifying high-speed hard drives)

  • Works for any SATA HDD and SSD (all sizes and transfer modes: 3.5" to 0.85," PIO to UDMA)

  • Stand-alone or linkable to 25 units

  • Create a log file

  • Adjustable Parameters for every function: tailor each operation to your specific needs

  • Complete HPA/DCO control: add/remove HPA/DCO settings on SATA disk

  • Reliable Write Protection: ensure Master data is not altered during duplication process

  • Data Recovery Copy functions: to extract all usable data from damaged or unstable hard drives by skipping bad sectors, issuing resets, etc.

  • DD Image Acquisition for forensic data imaging

  • MD5, SHA-1 & SHA-256 Hash Calculation for data verification in forensic data acquisition

  • FAT32 & NTFS Format for pre-formatting evidence (destination) hard drives before DD Image creation

  • Sector-to-Sector Copy: for producing identical disk duplicate disks

  • YEC Smart Copy System: copy only the used disk area to drastically reduce copy time

  • YEC Data-only Copy System for copying only the used disk area and drastically reducing copy time on FAT32, NTFS, and EXT formatted disks

  • CRC Compare: verify copied data to ensure 0% failure rate

  • Cross-Interface Copy: allows the user to copy between any interface (SATA-SATA, SAS-SAS, SAS-SATA, SATA-FC*, etc.) *Optional board required.

  • Test During Copy: in-depth quality control with no extra time or effort invested

  • Full Range of Data Erasure Options (Pre-Programmed Settings

  • 1-Time Secure (programmable pattern), N-Time (1-99 pass), NSA, DoD, US Army, US Navy, USAF, NCSC Erase

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