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Why You Need a Memory Tester

If you are using a motherboard to test memory you know that it can take hours or even days. Conflicts between the memory and the motherboard can make it appear that the memory is faulty, yet the memory may work just fine in another computer. Worse, the memory sockets on PC motherboards are not meant for repeated insertion/removal of modules and will quickly break! The RAMCHECK LX memory tester will test and identify your memory module in just seconds. It uses rugged sockets made specifically for high-volume memory testing that will last for thousands of cycles. You won't have to wade through a lengthy set-up process.

Quit throwing your PC memory away, test it! With RAMCHECK LX it takes just a few seconds to completely identify and comprehensively test all popular computer memory formats:

  • DDR4

  • DDR3

  • DDR2

  • DDR1


  • SIMM

  • Sun DIMM

  • Mini-DIMM


  • DDR chips

  • TSOP chips

  • SOJ DRAM chips

  • More!


Value for Money

Offering a high-frequency test engine, expandable design and powerful test algorithms, RAMCHECK LX gives you state-of-the-art memory testing at a very affordable price.  It even includes a PC software package to print/log your test results and store/program SPD information.


Easy to Use

With its small footprint, large bright display and fast USB interface, RAMCHECK LX is very simple to use.

To test a module, just turn RAMCHECK LX on, insert the DIMM, then press the Start button.

That's it!   -  No complicated setup is required and display screens are simple to read.

Of course, more complex user defined test parameters are available for advanced users.


The RAMCHECK LX DDR3 can test and identify a 1GB DDR3 DIMM in less than 30 seconds.                       


Simple to use. It features a bright, vivid display easily visible from any angle, plus a fast USB connection


Protected Investment


RAMCHECK LX is easy to upgrade! INNOVENTIONS provides frequent firmware upgrades that you can quickly download and install.


Additionally when new devices and technology becomes popular compatible adapters are introduced allowing the Ramcheck LX to extend its useful lifetime. When technology demands an upgrade to the base tester, low cost upgrades, or exceptionally, trade-ins are offered.

Secure Foundations

Innoventions Inc has been in business for over 25 years, you're in great companywhen you purchase from INNOVENTIONS! Thousands of companies worldwide, including most Fortune 500 companies, use their test equipment every day, including the original SIMCHECK tester.

Expodata Systems Ltd (PCTESTPRO) is proud to have been associated with Innoventions Inc for over 20 years providing sales and support to the UK's diverse range of Ramcheck users, from giant multi-nationals to the humble sole trader.

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Optional Adapters


PC Software


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