Samurai Jr.
2 Port HDD/SSD Erase Tool
Product Code: Y-3020


1 to 1 Hard Disk Duplicator
Test , Erase and Duplication (1:1)
Supports: SAS, SATA, ATA, Fibre Channel (optional), SCSI (optional)


The Samurai Jr. combines all HDD & SSD interfaces into one simple solution. 

Native Multiple Interfaces eliminate the need for multiple systems! 

It will also perform any process necessary such as duplication, test, wipe, repair, etc.
No other tool in the industry is this versatile.


Common Uses:
  • Data Destruction Prevent sensitive data leaks by wiping all your disk drives before they leave your facility. Whether you are sending them to be shredded or need them for re-use, performing a wipe process on location will ensure data is not compromised. The system will create a log file for your records to confirm the data has been wiped.

  • Backup Update old systems or ensure you never lose important data or machine software. With the Samurai/Jr., you can backup equipment that has reached its end of life with the manufacturer. If you find yourself in need of a backup hard drive, the Samurai can do this no matter what machine it is for. You can even create bootable disks!

  • Cross Copy Updating to newer HDD's means sometimes updating your interfaces. The Samurai can perform these cross copy functions in order to copy data from an old ATA -> SATA, SCSI -> SAS etc. The cross copy function is available on all interfaces.


Product Overview

SAMURAI JR. is all-in-one interface hard disk testing, wiping, duplication, analysis and forensic acquisition equipment. Interface support includes SAS, Fibre Channel, SCSI and SATA/ATA. Built on a native SAS platform with 2 ports (1:1 duplication), SAMURAI JR. Y-3020 is lightweight and compact enough to be carried to any location. The base unit is shipped with SAS/SATA/ATA configuration, and customers can opt for SCSI and Fibre Channel modules separately. With maximum duplication speeds of 18 GB/minute and advanced bad sector handling, SAMURAI JR. is in a league of its own compared to PC or software-based duplicators.


Functions :
  • Multiple-drive copy function (Up to 18 GB/min for qualifying high-speed hard drives)

  • Works for any SATA or SAS HDD (all sizes and transfer modes: 3.5" to 0.85," PIO to UDMA) (All PIO/UDMA Modes and SATA modes)

  • Stand-alone or PC-controlled operation

  • Adjustable Parameters for every function: tailor each operation to your specific needs

  • Full Range of Data Erasure Options Pre-Programmed Settings: 1-Time Secure (programmable pattern), N-Time (1-99 pass), NSA, DoD 5220.22M, US Army, US Navy, USAF, NCSC Erase

  • Repair bad sectors

  • Check, read, write and test SMART

  • Test During Copy: in-depth quality control with no extra time or effort invested

  • Complete HPA/DCO control: add/remove HPA/DCO settings on SATA disk

  • Reliable Write Protection: ensure Master data is not altered during duplication process

  • Data Recovery Copy functions: to extract all usable data from damaged or unstable hard drives by skipping bad sectors, issuing resets, etc.

  • DD Image Acquisition for forensic data imaging

  • MD5, SHA-1 & SHA-256 Hash Calculation for data verification in forensic data acquisition

  • FAT32 & NTFS Format for pre-formatting evidence (destination) hard drives before DD Image creation

  • Sector-to-Sector Copy: for producing identical disk duplicate disks

  • YEC Smart Copy System: copy only the used disk area to drastically reduce copy time

  • YEC Data-only Copy System for copying only the used disk area and drastically reducing copy time on FAT32, NTFS, and EXT formatted disks

  • CRC Compare: verify copied data to ensure 0% failure rate

  • Cross-Interface Copy: allows the user to copy between any interface (SATA-SATA, SAS-SAS, SAS-SATA, SATA-SCSI*, SATA-FC*, etc.) *Optional board required.

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