RAMCHECK LX Communications Program

The RAMCHECK LX Communications program provides you with all the essential communication functions you will need for your RAMCHECK LX memory tester. This program is included with RAMCHECK LX free of charge. In fact, you can download this program from our FTP server right now, as part of your initial evaluation of the RAMCHECK LX product line.



This program provides you with many important features:

  • Allows you to download the latest firmware from our FTP server into RAMCHECK LX's Flash memory. This process can be done manually or (if you have direct connection to the internet on your computer) in a single operation called Automated Firmware Update.

  • Realtime Interface between RAMCHECK LX and your PC so that you can control RAMCHECK LX from your PC and also view, save, and print test results from the Test Log.

  • SPD support for editing, saving, and programming of the SPD chip on your tested memory devices. Tools include SPD WIZARD and SPD Editor.

  • Setup support for RAMCHECK LX.

  • Graphical interface between RAMCHECK's screen to your PC display.

Automated RAMCHECK LX Firmware Upgrade

Installing the new firmware on your RAMCHECK LX via the PC Communication program is fast and easy!

  • Download the PC Communication program and install the software on your PC.

  • Connect your tester to your PC via the USB cable provided with your package. If you don't have the USB cable, simply purchase a USB2 A-B, 6-foot cable, available in most computer stores. Once connected, turn on your tester.

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Start up the PC Communications program.

  • Click the Automated Firmware Download button on the PC Communications program and type in your UserID (your e-mail address) and Password, then follow the onscreen instructions. 

Realtime Interface

The Realtime Interface allows you to control RAMCHECK LX from your PC. It also allows you to log data and to print the test results. It includes a TEST LOG VIEWER which provides a multitude of scrollable information on the tested module.

A summary of the module's size, mode type, access time and cycle time, along with the list of the various control signals is displayed after the Basic Test. Also displayed are messages indicating if the module is nonstandard, or otherwise different in architecture.

This test log can be saved or printed by selecting the appropriate command from the FILE menu. The log is cleared normally when a new test is begun, or it can be cleared manually by clicking on the CLEAR LOG button. The red ESC key can be pressed at any time to stop an existing test.

The RAMCHECK LX STATUS INDICATOR, located on the upper section of the test log window, monitors the existing stage of the module's test. This cycles from Basic Test, Extensive Test, etc, or error indications.

SPD Support

RAMCHECK LX and the RAMCHECK LX Communications program provide you with useful tools for complete SPD management, including viewing, editing, file saving and retrieving, and actual SPD programming. You should review our SPD Management manual addendum for further reference.

As a stand-alone unit, RAMCHECK LX and its various adapters provide you with all the means to read and program the SPD. It incorporates a simple 256-byte buffer which is used to read the SPD from a "master" module. The data in the buffer can then be used to program other modules. You can access the SPD Management Mode (on your RAMCHECK LX) from Standby mode by pressing F4 and selecting F3 for SPD MANAGEMENT. RAMCHECK LX then provides you with a straight forward menu with the following selections:

  • F1=READ SPD - reads the contents of the SPD on the tested module into RAMCHECK LX's internal buffer.

  • F2=VIEW SPD BUFFER - allows you to view RAMCHECK LX's SPD buffer on RAMCHECK LX itself, however you would prefer to use your PC for viewing and editing as discussed below.

  • F3=PROGRAM - Programs the SPD on the tested module with the contents of the SPD buffer. Please note that in order to program the SPD, the SPD programming option in the RAMCHECK LX Setup mode should be enabled.

  • F4=VERIFY - this function verifies your programming by comparing the SPD of the programmed module the SPD of RAMCHECK LX's buffer.

The RAMCHECK LX Communications program significantly enhances your SPD support: It allows you to read (upload) RAMCHECK LX's SPD buffer onto the PC.

It provides an advanced SPD Hex Editor with which you can change or print the SPD data. It also provides unlimited filing on your PC hard disk for all of your SPD files. The new SPD Text Editor andSPD Wizard utilities further simplify SPD editing.

You can download your edited SPD or stored SPD files back onto RAMCHECK LX for subsequent programming of your modules.

Ramcheck LX Set-Up

You can setup RAMCHECK LX on your PC and store setup parameters in *.rsu (RAMCHECK LX Set Up) files. Once you finish selecting the setup options, click the transfer button to send them to RAMCHECK LX where they are automatically saved.

The setup screen uses a multipage dialog. The following pages are available:


Parameters #1- Used for setting up size, speed, frequency, and other timing parameters. 

Test Flow - Used for determining RAMCHECK LX's test flow.

Product Information - Includes "read only" information, including calibration data. This page also includes a setup file memo that you can append to a saved setup file on your PC.

Parameters #2- Used for setting Voltage, Mode, Refresh, Test Patterns, and some special setup codes.

Configuration - Used for setting RAMCHECK LX's configuration. Also used to setup SPD programming.

Production Mode - Recommended for memory manufactures only. This mode allows you to program the SPD of your memory modules after the completion of Basic Test, or after the Extensive Test.

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